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Airfreight is one of the most sensitive areas in freight forwarding and being one of the leading Air Freight Forwarders in Dubai we understand the importance of air cargo, we take due care in handling International Air Freight Forwarding Shipments. We are renowned Freight Forwarders In Dubai, So We ensure that the cargo entrusted to us, is handled carefully so that it reaches the destination safely and as per schedule. Moreover, we charge reasonable prices for our service and ensure total client satisfaction with safe and on-time delivery of the goods.

Why Choose Our Air Freight Forwarding Service?

A skilled team of professionals
Our own fleets of ships
Door-to-door delivery
Prompt delivery at the stipulated timeframe
Cost-effective prices

International air freight transport

Today‚Äôs interconnected society moves at lightning speed, and with it comes the demand to receive everything we’d like from other parts of the planet within the shortest possible time. International air freight transport makes this possible by connecting the various goods available worldwide during a matter of hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

As you’d probably expect, the various methods of shipping goods have different sets of charges, although any duty and/or VAT thanks to Dubai Customs will remain an equivalent.

For more accurate details, on what charges would apply for your own particular goods and circumstances, please contact a member of our imports team, who are going to be happy to assist.

There are two ways of transporting goods via air freight, either on its own, under its own airline Master Airwaybill ( MAWB ), which is understood as ‘Back to Back’, or via a consolidated service. alongside another shipment, offered by a freight forwarder.

On the ‘Back to Back’ option, your goods are going to be sent on the first available flight, minimizing any delays. This, however, comes at a premium.

On the ‘Consol’ option, each shipment would travel under its own House Airwaybill ( HAWB ), and therefore the whole consolidated shipment would travel under a Master Airwaybill.

A lot of Freight Forwarders book a particular amount of space with an airline, to enable them to create up ‘Consol’, which is essentially shipping many different shipments to an equivalent airport. If you’ll wait every week approximately, then you’ll enjoy lower shipping costs, when they’re consolidated with others.

Be sure to debate this feature, if you are feeling that you simply might like better to ship via this method.

If you’ve got heard the term/name ‘IATA’ and wondered what it meant?, then click here to go to our IATA page.