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BreakBulk Cargo Service

BreakBulk Cargo Service

DEVED SHIPPING LLC, DUBAI, UAE, is a specialist in handling break-bulk cargo import and export worldwide and has so far completed various complicated and large projects from different parts of the world.

DEVED SHIPPING is a name you can reckon for complete solutions in handling breakbulk and project cargo.

Break-bulk cargo is general cargo or goods that do not fit in or utilize standard shipping containers or LCL shipments. Break-bulk is also different from bulk shipping, which is used for cargo such as petroleum products or grain. Instead, break-bulk and heavy movements in Dubai are transported individually, often times on a skid or pallet or in a crate.

Examples of break-bulk cargo include construction equipment, manufacturing materials, oversized vehicles, boats, cranes, turbine blades, ship propellers, generators, large engines, and more.

In the early days of shipping, ocean-going cargo was most commonly break-bulk. However, with the increased use of more efficient and secure shipping containers in the late 1960s, it is now generally reserved for cargo that is too heavy or large to fit in a container. Though an effective method of shipping oversized cargo, break-bulk shipping is more time-intensive than container shipping because each piece must be loaded and unloaded individually, often times with special equipment.

The main benefit of shipping in this manner is the ability to move oversized, over-weight items that wouldn’t otherwise fit into a container or cargo bin. Simply getting these large items from point A to point B via such a service is a big plus for many shippers.

But there are other benefits, too. In some cases, break-bulk can be an affordable way to ship such large cargo — since the item will not have to be dismantled to ship. This same benefit applies in terms of speed. When you reduce the time spent in deconstruction and reconstruction, the item will be ready for dispatch upon arrival much more quickly.

You may wonder why break bulk / heavy lift cargo in Dubai isn’t used more often. The reason is that it can be more expensive. Large cargo often takes up more space in the ship or cargo hold than items that are packaged neatly in uniform, stackable containers, which results in higher shipping costs for break-bulk items.

Ships that are used for break-bulk shipping are often outfitted with special cranes and other pieces of equipment to accommodate such loads. It’s true that attempting to ship oversized and heavy items is more difficult than more standardized cargo. Being one of the leading Cargo Shipping Companies in Dubai, DEVED SHIPPING is will well-equipped to move nearly anything, anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Cargo is transported to and from ports by land, which is typically an efficient option for shippers needing inland services. Otherwise, breaking products up into containers tends to be costlier than wholly containerized goods.

Breakbulk doesn’t require that goods are separated into containers to be transported. Instead, heavy or oversized items are loaded with special equipment like cranes to load the ship. This makes bulky items easier to move.

RO/RO (Roll On-Roll Off) is usually used when transporting breakbulk shipments. Most heavy breakbulk shipments use RO/RO and avoid fees like container hire, storage, additional labor, and equipment rental. RO/RO liner services also utilize a frequently scheduled schedule which ends up in fewer short notice cancellations or postponing’s. If the route to deliver your goods are complex, a transshipment will make sure that the cargo reaches its destination during a reasonable time.

Heavy breakbulk is lashed to handling equipment which prevents lifting and no dismantling. As a result, cargo is rolled onto a deck supported by its weight and width.